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What is a Funeral Concierge  ™  ?

The concept of a Funeral Concierge  ™  is a new one in the UK and one which we hope will grow in coming months and years. The introduction of such a role is being pioneered by myself, via my company – The Funeral Company.

A Funeral Concierge  ™  is someone who provides outstanding service tailored to meet the needs and requests of the client.  They are dedicated to ensuring that their clients and their families receive personalised assistance to prepare for and deal with all aspects of administration and assistance following the funeral.

When a person passes away, the Funeral Director will take care of a lot of the funeral planning such as church/crematorium. flowers or donations, presentation etc. However, once the funeral has passed the Funeral Director does not have such a hands-on link with the family. They do not generally assist with the administration that results from a person’s death.

This is where the Funeral Concierge  ™  comes in!

Here are examples of some of the duties that can assist the family, this is by no means a comprehensive list!

  • Taking instructions from a family member of representative
  • Regular liaison with family
  • Assist the family to arrange collection of cremains, if appropriate, from Crematorium.  Once family have decided on distribution of cremains ie. scattering etc. assist them in making arrangements for this to take place.  If distribution has not been decided upon, you will be able to offer the family information about various means that are available
  • Obtain further copy Death Certificates to send to relevant asset and liability companies such as local council, banks, employers in order to surrender policies, accounts etc.
  • Preparation of Change of Name Deed(s)
  • Liaising with family and Funeral Director to collect donations on behalf of deceased, onward transmission to appropriate charity
  • Press Notices, Obituaries, Memorial Notices
  • Cancellation of household services ie. cleaner, gardener etc.
  • Arranging for disposal of unwanted personal items to charity shop, or as required by family
  • Assisting family with a ‘small estate’ (ie less than £5,000 in total value)
  • All correspondence and administration relating to the deceased
  • If estate is more than £5,000 then liaising between family and approved legal professionals to apply for Grant of Probate or Grant of Representation, as appropriate
  • Researching Memorial Masons and advising family of same
  • Arranging Grave Tending services
  • Arranging appropriate care for survivor
  • Financial Support options
  • Distribution of Bequests
  • Children and Grief
  • Arranging Memorial Service
  • Arranging online memorial site
  • Drawing up a new Will and/or Wishes Document  TM

The Funeral Company are running more Funeral Concierge TM courses [both online and at several venues in the UK] during 2011/2012.

If this is a field of funeral assistance you’d either like to explore and qualify as a Funeral Concierge TM  or, you’d like to find a Funeral Concierge TM to assist you – please don’t hesitate to contact me via email to thefuneralcompany@gmail.com or +44 [0] 7775430016 – I’d be more than happy to help you.