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Usk Castle Chase Natural Burial Ground

Usk Castle Chase Natural Burial Ground

What could be more pleasant on a beautiful summer’s day than going to spend some time, in the countryside, with a loved one?

Even when you are alone, after they have passed away, there is no problem with doing this if they are buried in a natural burial ground such as Usk Castle Chase in Monmouthshire.

I was lucky enough to visit the burial site yesterday on the best day of the year, so far.  It was very warm; sunny and clear blue skies – the ideal conditions to show off the site to its best advantage.  I was kindly shown around the site by the owner of Native Woodland Ltd., James Leedam.

For information about Usk Castle Chase, please visit the Natural Burial Grounds website and you’ll find everything you need to know there.

Save to say, the site is set in beautiful picturesque Monmouthshire countryside with rolling hills, sheep with newborn lambs and is pure delight.

So, why consider natural burial as opposed to your local cemetery, graveyard or crematorium?

Well, I feel that the obvous beauty of the site is a plus point.  When you visit the site for a funeral it must feel so gentle, unrushed, peaceful etc. the fact that you are not in a 20 or 30 minute time slot when everyone must vacate the premises and move on; you can take your time with a natural burial – nice and s l o w l y – appreciate and celebrate your loved one.

There are no visible lines of graves or memorials – the burial plots are allowed to grass over and nature takes its course – no grave tending is required.   There are reference pegs on site so that plots can be easily identified.  Though it’s just as easy to make your own reference point using landmarks such as the beautiful old oak trees on site.  Like the funeral, just do your own thing.

More than three quarters of funerals in the 21st Century are cremations.  These use up valuable fossil fuel; emit large quantities of CO2 and cause pollution; leave you with the decision of what to do with your loved one’s ashes and, leave you and the other mourners feeling rushed because of the tight time constraints at the crematorium.

Now, the nitty gritty – how much does this cost?

We are talking specifially about the Usk Castle Chase Burial Ground here, their site states that the plot cost is around £450 (plus 5% increase from 1 April 2011).  Again, details here. There are also fees for interment and gravedigging – details on the website.

Why not take a look at the excellent slideshow – Why Go Green? click here

I’d certainly consider a natural burial, I am seriously doing so myself, there are bound to be questions you want to ask so finally, I’d refer you to the FAQ page here