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What a wonderfully informative and interesting day I’ve had today meeting in Birmingham with 25 fellow Farewell Innovators who all have their own funeral sector businesses.

It’s amazing what services and skills are out there that aren’t known to the public at large.

From being able to have a video and/or photographs of the service, wake and beyond to montages; celebrants; diamonds made from ashes to a book telling you the way of funerals just as they are – no nonsense.

You will probably have seen my earlier post listing a large number of the Farewell Innovators and links to their sites, I would strongly recommend you to take a look and see whether there are services that that are or could be useful to you if you are involved in planning a funeral.  One thing in life is certain – we will die and we will probably have to assist in planning at least two funerals in our lifetime.   There is no need to have a ‘traditional’ funeral – if you want change, there are ways and means out there so that the funeral can be individual, special and wonderful.