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Some of you may well remember Don’t drop the Coffin when it was aired on ITV in the UK a few years ago.  The series told the story of Bermondsey Funeral Director Barry Albin-Dyer and his firm FA Albin’s.

So, it was especially nice this morning to find the series on the internet (whilst I was looking to buy some funeral books for review from Amazon!).

This is a link to the series click here

Watching the series again, I suppose it does kind of reinforce the views I put forward in my first post this week – the Victorian ‘type’ funeral, black clothes, severe mourning etc. Hopefully the contrast between that and the more contemporary choices available will be shown by other posts/videos I will be sharing in the next few days.

Finally, there was a scene at the end of episode one (and subsequently episode two too) that makes me sad – so many flowers – whilst beautiful, they would look better still growing and, think of the cost of them all.  Personally, I feel that the money could have been put to better use as charitable donations – it’s personal choice and a discussion for another day – but flower wastage is something that is very dear to my heart.  To visit a crematorium and see flowers from that very week’s services thrown into a skip, still almost fresh (not even hidden from public view) is so wasteful and sad.