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Following on from yesterday’s very successful, and well received, post about my Farewell Innovator friends, I have some new members and their services to mention to you and I hope you will take the time to check out their websites and consider their services, thanks.

  1. Firstly, My Last Song – Paul Hensby and his colleagues have put together a wonderful musical service.  If you want the funeral to be memorable because of the choice of music, look no further than Paul’s site.  In fact it has all aspects of funeral planning and comprehensive advice on other later life issues such as writing a will, care choices and living longer, healthier lives. Don’t take my word for it though, My Last Song topped the list of the 10 best funeral websites in the world.  It also offers a safe digital storage area called the Lifebox in which people’s memories can be accessed by loved ones now and in the future. As founder Paul Hensby says: “If you live on in the hearts and minds of those who love you, you don’t really die at all.”
  2. Based in Wales, Lovingly Managed offer a very comprehensive range of both private and professional client services. including end of life planning; funeral co-ordination and organisation; post death assistance and even provision of escorts for lone elderly clients so that they do not have to visit doctors and hospital alone.  There are so many different services that I would recommend you visit the site and see how Denise, Sharon (a Welsh speaker) and Catherine can help you.
  3. A Giving Tribute‘The Caring alternative to funeral flowers’ is launching very soon. Following a donation to the chosen charity, friends and family create online their very personal tribute to the deceased (with words and a photo) to celebrate the life that’s been lost. These Tribute Cards are printed out and displayed in a ‘wreath’ at the funeral that can easily be taken on to the wake and enjoyed by all.  The Giving Tribute Cards are kept by the next of kin and may be beautifully displayed as a treasured keepsake in the special commemorative book. This is a beautiful service and will be offered by Liz in the near future via her website.

So, three more wonderful and innovative funeral services.  It’s amazing how so many different ideas and businesses can come out of such a niche market.  As I said yesterday, it’s likely you’ll have to be firm with your funeral director if you want to choose one of these companies – they tend to be unaware of all the new ideas that are out there.  I’m sure though that each and every one of the providers listed on this blog will be more than happy to talk to your funeral director and explain all about their services and how they can benefit their clients.