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So, what’s this all about?

Well, as death and dying is often avoided in conversation, I thought it would be helpful and informative to write about it here so that you can, at your leisure, take a look and ‘gen’ up a bit.

Death is something that none of us can avoid.  It’s important that we do try to think about it and often this isn’t until we reach our later years.  But, even youngsters can learn something about the topic and it will help them to deal with the life (and death) experiences that they will no doubt come across – such as the death of a grandparent or parent.

Just by thinking and talking about death it doesn’t mean that you will suddenly invite it to knock at your door.  On the contrary, it means you are going to be prepared a little more and more able to cope in the future.

The Funeral Lady can help you with answers to queries and questions.  I can also offer suggestions for different types of funerals, remembrance or memorial.  Feel that you would like something ‘different’ or ‘alternative’ for your farewell?  I have a whole load of contacts and suggestions that you will enjoy taking a look at.  From motorcycle funerals to having some of your ashes being launched into space in a dedicated rocket.

So, please consider joining me on this Blog and learning and sharing – death isn’t just for the dying, it’s for the living too.