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... Just some thoughts.

You may have a few ideas in your head such as ‘I don’t want flowers’ or ‘I’d like to have hymns not pop music’ – you get the idea?

But, how do your loved ones know what you’d like – have you told anyone?

Nowadays we hear on the grapevine that there are more choices but do we really know what they are?

My company can certainly give you information and advise you of the many options.  You might go down the traditional funeral route – church service; local priest; two hymns; flowers and either burial or cremation afterwards.  Thereagain, there is nothing  stopping you from having the church service I mentioned but then being buried in your own back garden!  I don’t want to appear flippant here but, what I say is perfectly legal and possible provided your loved ones take care of a couple of things with house deeds and service companies.

Choices, choices and more endless choices!

I will be blogging and discussing various options – some traditional, some contemporary.  Also, the old burial v cremation topic; green v non-green funerals etc.

If you’ve got topics you’d like to learn or find more out about, email me or add them to the comment box on this blog and I’ll certainly do what I can to assist you.